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In Memory Of:
Michael Heagle
Jenny Heagle

You will always be missed.
I love you Joe
My Name is Joe Heagle my father George Heagle was the founder of Heagle's furniture.
My Mother Jenny Heagle walked crippled through the snow to help my brother Michael Heagle
run the business after my father passed away. My brother passed away courageously from a
brain tumor on December 14th, 2013. Eleven days later on Christmas morning I found my mother
had passed away peacefully in her sleep. There were two life insurance policies my mother had paid for
that were to be used to lay her to rest next to my father. Had my brother lived AND being a man of HIS WORD
all of my mother's last wishes would have been seen to. Seven months later my mother although cremated
has not been laid to rest near my dad. The reason for this is because my brothers wife  who is
the executor of  his will took all of my mother's belongings, her home and over $15,000 dollars in life insurance
that was meant to be used to bring my mom back home to Ny and to lay her to rest with my dad. In addition to
the life insurance money, my family home that has remained in my father's family since it was built in 1898, was left
to my brother Mike upon my mother's death with the condition my sisters and I would  each be given 25,000 dollars
as our inheritance. I personally have been told by my brothers wife I will not receive a dime.  Prior to that my mom who
had homestead rights and suffered from severe dementia was forced by my sister-in-law to relinquish those rights
before her death so she could add her name to the deed along with my brothers and is now profitting from the money
she receives for rent from two seperate tennants as this is a two family home. It is my opinion that if this has been done
to family it will be done to strangers and I would stay away from this establishment.